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Welcome to Dallas Sod and Landscaping


Dallas Sod and Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company in Dallas, Texas, with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, including a Certified Horticulturist with 25 years of experience.


We understand that your home is a reflection of you.  We keep your lawn and landscaping looking lush, vibrant, and healthy.


How we are different


Is there a yellow spot in your lawn?  Black spots on your favorite bush?  Or perhaps itís time to fertilize, but what does your yard need?  Doing the wrong thing doesn't fix the problem and causes new ones.  We donít guess at the correct treatments, we get soil tests or plant cuttings and respond accordingly.  Itís about your yard looking lush and healthy, not checking off a box.


Get a jump on the weeds!


Spring weather is nearly here in Dallas and soon weed seeds will be sprouting.  An application of pre-emergent now will keep weeds out of your yard.

Lawn Maintenance
Annual Service Packages
We offer weekly lawn mowing and yard maintenance.  Keep a credit card on file for hassle-free living.
Basic Package

39 visits per year to mow & edge

Cleanup with proper disposal of

    yard waste.


Plus Package
Everything in the Basic
Soil tests with report of results 
Checks for diseased plants. 
We fertilize and spray based on the
   soid and disease results.
IPM program on trees and shrubs
9 visits to trim hedges and bushes.
Lawn pre and post emergent
One winter application of round-up
Fire ant control.
Full Package
Everything in the Plus package
Two applications of mulch, as
   needed for plant health and color
Seasonal color
Tree maintenance
Ground cover maintenance
Additional Services
Irrigation repair
Sod installation

Dallas Sod




(214) 734-7460
"Let us bring your landscaping into focus"
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